When a loved one suffers an unexpected accident resulting in death or brain death, the surviving family members sometimes wish to preserve the gametes of their loved one to allow for potential reproduction in the future. It is typically a spouse or intimate partner who wishes to preserve the sperm of their loved one, but it can also be a parent or other family member and it can also be eggs that are retrieved under certain circumstances.

Posthumous sperm retrieval cases require immediate attention because an order for the retrieval typically needs to be obtained within 24-48 hours to maximize the chances of a successful retrieval of viable sperm. After the retrieval is completed, a hearing is typically held to determine the ultimate disposition of the retrieved sperm.

Posthumous sperm retrieval cases are fairly rare, but Copps DiPaola Silverman has previously handled such cases, so we can quickly jump into a new case without needing to get up to speed on the law or procedures necessary to accomplish this time sensitive objective.

Copps DiPaola Silverman successfully litigated a highly publicized posthumous sperm retrieval case in 2019 on behalf of grandparents.

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