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Jennifer M. Tromblee, Closing the Justice Gap of Immigrants: The Role of Paralegals. National Paralegal Reporter. Summer 2018, Volume 43 Number 2.

David Singer, Two Meals 12 Years Apart, Shared Respect for their Clinic Experience, and Opposing Clients Inspire New Downtown Firm. Albany Law School. 2018, August 15.

Casey Copps DiPaola, What is ART Law Anyways? (Hint: it has nothing to do with artwork). The Capital District Women’s Bar Association (CDWBA). Winter 2017 Newsletter.

Casey Copps DiPaola, Brooke S.B. (Non-Parent Standing in Custody/Visitation): How We got There and What’s Happened Since. The Capital District Women’s Bar Association (CDWBA). Summer 2017 Newsletter.

Casey Copps DiPaola, New Categories of Individuals Eligible to Adopt (a possible solution for victims of domestic violence). The Capital District Women’s Bar Association (CDWBA). Fall 2016 Election Newsletter.

Casey Copps DiPaola, Basics of Name Changes and Recent Developments for Transgender Individuals. The Capital District Women’s Bar Association (CDWBA). Summer 2016 Newsletter.

Joseph R. Williams, “I Don’t Like Gays, Okay?” Use of the ‘Gay Panic’ Murder Defense in Modern American Courtrooms: The Ultimate Miscarriage of Justice. 78 Alb. L. Rev. 101. 2015.

Casey Copps DiPaola, Well Intentioned Same-Sex Adoption Case Causes Unintended Consequences for Same Sex Couples. The Capital District Women’s Bar Association (CDWBA). Summer 2014 Newsletter.

Kathleen A. Copps, Nicholson v. Scopetta: The Good, The Bad & The Future: An Analysis of the Effects & Suggestions for Further Improvements. 72 Alb. L. Rev. 497. 2009.

Kathleen A. Copps, Children Who Witness Domestic Violence. The Journal of Social and Legal Research at RIT. 2006.

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