When a relationship ends and the couple still has frozen embryos in their possession, they must determine how the embryos will be handled. The options include one or both of the parties retaining the embryos for their own reproductive purposes, destroying the embryos, donating the embryos to others for reproductive purposes, and donating the embryos for research. These are incredibly sensitive disputes because they may involve one party’s last opportunity to have a child the party is genetically related to, but may also involve forcing parenthood on a party who desires not to parent any more children.

Copps DiPaola Silverman is uniquely situated to assist clients going through embryo disputes because we have both an Assisted Reproduction Technology law practice and a Divorce, Family and Intimate Partner Law practice. We are intimately familiar with the creation and disposition of embryos and all of the ethical and legal issues involved and can use this knowledge in the context of your divorce or breakup of your non-marital intimate partnership.

Copps DiPaola Silverman also offers embryo dispute mediation for parties who are either unrepresented or represented by other attorneys. As mediator, we act as a neutral third party who assists the parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution with respect to the disposition of their embryos without the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

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