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Mediation is an alternative method to going to Court. You and your spouse can work toward common goals, together, with the assistance of a trained mediator who is focused on seeing you through this process. Kathleen “Casey” Copps DiPaola is a trained mediator who has successfully navigated complicated financial and emotional issues for clients, bringing their matters to a close in a timely, efficient, and non-confrontational manner. Mediation can be particularly helpful if you have a complicated custody situation to resolve that requires more time and attention than can be accommodated by the judge during court appearances.

For mediation, it is recommended that you and your spouse have attorneys (separate from the mediator) who can advise you on your legal rights before and during the mediation process. The mediator is unable to provide legal advice or information to one party and not the other. The cost of mediation is generally shared by the parties.

Attorney-Facilitated Settlement

Attorney-Facilitated Settlement is an approach taken often by Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC in even the most contested matters. We take a dual track approach, readying our cases for trial, while moving them toward settlement at the same time. This means preparing and sending written settlement proposals, scheduling settlement conferences with opposing counsel and the Court where clients can attend (to the extent they are comfortable doing so), and doing everything possible to ensure your case continues to move toward completion and does not simply linger in legal limbo.

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