Hiring the right attorney for a custody matter is a critical decision. As a parent, it is a top priority that your children’s best interests are protected and are placed at the forefront of discussions during divorce or separation. This becomes much more difficult when you and the other parent do not see eye to eye regarding parenting decisions.

Lorraine R. Silverman has been successfully litigating custody cases for years. Most often, a custody matter involves parents (biological or adoptive) who are physically separating. Because the parties are no longer living together, legal custody (i.e., decision making) and physical custody (i.e., where the child actually resides) need to be decided. The determination of custody is guided by the “best interests of the child” test. There are many factors that are set forth in the case law that make up this test and each judge weighs the factors differently depending on the circumstances presented to him or her by the attorneys or the parents. Absent the advocacy of an attorney who is familiar with the law, the judge presiding over your case, and the particular facts of your case, your concerns may go unheard and the ultimate Agreement reached or the Court Ordered issued by the Judge may not reflect what you believe to be in your Child’s best interest. Once an Agreement is reached or a Court Order is issued in a Custody Matter, with few exceptions, absent a “substantial change in circumstances” it is difficult to turn back the clock, so it is critical to get it right the first time.

Lorraine R. Silverman’s highest priority is to always put Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC’s clients’ goals first, whether this means working day and night to put together a comprehensive settlement proposal to resolve your matter quickly and efficiently, or by filing petitions, motions, and ultimately taking your case to Trial. Our Team spends time with each of our clients, taking particular care to learn the details of your case inside and out, with the understanding that you are an integral member of our legal team. We understand that issues arise in the evenings and on the weekends and, unlike other law firms, you will have our cell phone numbers and can reach the attorneys working on your cases 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We respond to your emails and text messages and provide you with the advice that you need to address the legal issues that are occurring at the time the issues are arising, not days or weeks later. For clients of the firm, we even offer a video conference service so you can have face-to-face meetings with your Attorney at your convenience in the privacy of your office or your home. At Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC, we also make every effort to move your case through the Court system as quickly as possible, so that you and your children are not lingering in legal limbo and can have finality and closure to your legal matter.

Finally, in addition to traditional custody matters, Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC also assists clients who are seeking to adopt a child they have a familial or other close relationship with, but who are unable to adopt for a variety of reasons. Our firm has experience litigating custody cases on behalf of non-parents under the extraordinary circumstances standard, which allows related or non-related non-parents to obtain custody of a child under certain limited circumstances.

The content on this webpage is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. Every situation is different and should be carefully discussed with an attorney before taking action.