Many divorce lawyers want you to believe that litigation is the only option for complex or high asset divorce and custody cases. This is false.

The reality is that spouses with high net worth stand to lose a great deal financially and sometimes professionally and personally, once they make the decision to litigate. Very few people have the time and energy to battle their former spouse in a courtroom and with mounting legal fees and polarizing positions, the only winners seem to be the lawyers in the end. Far too many cases linger in the “litigation” stages for months, with the attorneys posturing, and then settle days before trial – or the morning of – on your dime. On the other hand, you read about high profile couples in the news who manage to get divorced in a month or two, with no drama.

At Copps DiPaola Silverman, PLLC, we understand the privacy needs of our Clients, many of whom have political and professional connections that require a level of understanding and care above what is offered by many other firms. We offer certain accommodations like video conferencing for meetings and consultations, to ensure that both your privacy and schedule are affected as little as possible by this process.

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