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A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a fetus who is not genetically related to her with the intent that the baby born will be raised by the intended parents. Typically, a gestational carrier has already successfully birthed and is raising children of her own. As part of the surrogacy process, the gestational carrier will generally undergo a psychological and medical evaluation to make sure she is a good candidate to become a gestational carrier.

Some gestational carriers receive compensation for the services and others have only their expenses reimbursed (considered a compassionate carrier).

Gestational carriers should have legal representation not only for negotiating the terms of their gestational carrier contract, but throughout the pregnancy and until every expense has been appropriately reimbursed and she has fully recovered from the pregnancy. Once the contract is drafted, the gestational carrier generally has far less contact with her attorney, but it is important that she have the option to ask questions as the process unfolds.

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